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Greetings internet. Happy Valentines Day to you. I’m not really too into celebrating this holiday, but it is a nice excuse to show your loved ones you care about them. So I’m all for that. Over at illustrator extraordinaire Travis Falligant … Read More

Found On The InterNERD: Comic Book Sketch Covers

Hey hey InterNERDers! We have done FOTI Comic Book Sketch Covers, Part 2, and now get ready for the third installment. The amount of comic conventions every year around the country increases every year. The industry pumps out blank variant covers just … Read More

Found On The InterNERD: Perler Beads Part 3

Hey hey, it’s InterNERD time! We have done FOTI Perler Beads, Perler Beads Part 2, and now it’s time for a Part 3. Perler beads are so fun and easy to create. The only limitations are how big you want to go … Read More